We’re Back

We’re back, it’s been some time since our last post, yes it’s been about six month’s since we have been able to work on our blog, we have been busy with our media ministry here at Abundant Life United Pentecostal Church.

We had some struggles with our previous streaming program and internet connections which we have since fixed with upgraded internet, and we have switched streaming companies, and our streaming services are improved a 100%, you can watch our services @http://sundaystreams.com/go/abundantlifeupcwinfield You can watch services live on Sunday Morning’s at 10 AM (eastern time), and on Wednesday evening at 7 PM (eastern time), or you can watch services at your convenience by choosing a service from our archive which are listed on right side of viewing screen, we have had very good results with this streaming setup, along with viewers from here in the United States, we’ve had viewers from Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Israel and Denmark.

Along with working on our streaming program we have been working on our new and updated website, we just launched it this week, so it is new and improved from what we had before, I believe it is much more user friendly, you can check it out @http://www.abundantlife-upc.org/

It is our prayer that you check out our new website and streaming services here at Abundant Life UPC, and you can still get us on facebook @https://www.facebook.com/Abundant-Life-United-Pentecostal-Church-229940070355640/

Praying you check  out these media services available here at Abundant Life UPC, and that you are truly Blessed by them. GOD BLESS!  Rich serving in the Media ministry.


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