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Greeting’s from Abundant Life United Pentecostal Church in Winfield Tn. We have had this blog up and running for some time now, however it has not been updated on a regular basis and I intend to make that happen beginning with this weeks installment. I’m (Rich Handy) the one responsible for what goes on in the media ministry dept. at Abundant Life.

There is a lot going on in the media ministry, I’m listing here way’s in which you can access our church and it’s services and it’s teachings.

1) http://www.abundantlife-upc.org/media.html 

A.  you can access our streaming channel by clicking on Sunday Streams button

B. Our streaming channel on Roku is @ Our stream ID is “abundantlifeupcwinfield”

C. You can access our facebook page by clicking on facebook button

D. You can access our Twitter account by clicking on Twitter button

E. And you can also access our blog page by clicking Blog button

Beginning next week, the week of November 14 2016, we will be starting a series of Bible studies, each study will be in two weekly segments, the first half will be posted on Monday and the second half to be posted on Thursday, we pray you will be Blessed by these studies, and we welcome your comments. Have a Blessed day in The Lord!



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